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Prophet Lucky

Welcome to, the personal webpage of Perete Harrison, known in his spiritual journey as Prophet Lucky.

Perete Harrison, or Prophet Lucky as he is recognized in his divine work, is an esteemed prophet and accomplished DevOps Software Engineer. He attributes much of his resilience and character to his upbringing, shaped by the love and strength of his single mother and her family.

His life took a pivotal turn when he had a transformative encounter with the divine figure of Jesus Christ. In this meeting, he received an instructive revelation that has since guided his life’s path: “In Jesus’ name, HEAL THE SICK IN ME.” This direction stands in contrast to the one Apostle Paul received near Damascus, as documented in Acts 9:4: “Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?”

Before this profound interaction with Jesus Christ, Prophet Lucky was graced by the presence of three angels in a vision. They bestowed upon him divine blessings and a special mission. During another separate divine encounter, he was visited by an angel glowing with bright light, who instructed him to adopt the name “Prophet Lucky.” This name has since become his spiritual identity.

Prophet Lucky’s life has been characterized by his consistent dedication to his divine calling. He has been tirelessly healing, prophesying, and spreading the word of God since his celestial experiences.

This website serves as a platform for Prophet Lucky to share his spiritual journey, teachings, and his ongoing mission to promote healing, divine wisdom, and love.

Blog Posts

In the words of the Sovereign, Jesus Christ, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away” – Matthew 24:35. I invite you to explore my latest blog post for a transformative journey towards spiritual enlightenment.